Let me help you.

Let me distract you.

Let me bring you joy.

Let me take care of you.

Let me make you feel safe.

Let me give you comfort.

I’m here for you. I’m sorry for your loss.

In the face of death positivity takes form.

Cancer: a system of growth that overpowers the form and corrupts the nature of a healthy environment. My vision for this space is based on these amorphous patterns that multiply, take-over, and consume life and thought. In my work I use vivid colors and organic shapes. I interpret reactions to grief and suffering with these abstract motifs, naturally derived from figures found within cancer patterns, morphed in my own way to create a visual language.

I think about pattern, repetition, curves and colors. My pieces respond to the positive and happy moments that occur in a time of reflection as life comes to an end. These dynamic forms are made up of personal narratives that express nostalgia by virtue of tragedy. In my space I capitalize on the contradiction between the comfort of these sad shapes and the discomfort with death.

This is a reaction space. These colors invite you in and are paired with forms that multiply, puzzle, take over, and overwhelm. I use textures that invoke happy emotions. My objects create a sense of playfulness, a visual connection, a desire to interact. Here in this place, or wherever I may be, I create a space that provides compassion and comfort.

I want to invite you in.

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