My images combine new visual ideas with the use of graphic qualities that emphasize elaborate conceptions. With natural scenes, patterns, shapes, and geometric forms, two-dimensional motifs are incorporated in order to challenge the viewer to contemplate the boundary between personal space and the role the subject matter takes on in that place with the added components. I would consider myself a modern photographer using illustrative forms in order to emphasize the subject matter. The manner in which I approach these images goes beyond traditional photography to build on contrasting forms of media in order to produce ironic and vibrant compositions. These photographs utilize the truth telling power of the unconscious and its ability to organize random yet highly functional frameworks for design—which in the contemporary moment ask the viewer to find additional patterns and forms possible for these settings.

The viewer may find a relationship between the subject matter of the windows and the corresponding natural scenarios in order to create their own unique narrative found in this body of work. With the use of color, visually we see different stylistic approaches to emphasize a celebratory and lush style that draws the viewer into the piece in a methodical and original fashion. The observer understands the artist’s playful approach to photography with the use of functional design elements that draw out specific forms in each piece. The moment of strength is therefore derived from the reality that the eye can only recognize these scenes through this particular mechanism of presentation. These images will be accessible to all age ranges and consumed in an exciting manner, connecting different visual ideas together.

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