The goal of this project, designed in 2015, was to find a company with a personal affiliation and develop a marketable brochure for the brand.

Bard Coffee is a local coffee shop in Portland, Maine. The look is based on their current logo, redesigned with more playful and graphic alterations. The logo components were organized to be a marketing tool, rather than just a simple identity. The brochure gives a quick glance at the ambiance you'll find at Bard Coffee. Their mission is to have a story behind every cup. This brochure would be a giveaway where costumers can use the end panel as a coaster at the location and receive a discount. The product encourages business and reflects the mission of Bard. Bard Coffee wants their costumers to enjoy their coffee, and not just walk away with a paper cup. The brochure describes the culture of the company, how Bard runs as a personal and quaint coffee shop with a humble atmosphere, and their efforts toward brewing the best beans with local pride. From their personal relationship with the vendors that provide Bard with their beans, to the relationship the customers have with each other as well as the baristas, Bard is committed to serving the best product possible and their efforts are reflected in the design of this brochure. 

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