Magazine Spread & Illustration Project

To Bee or not To Bee is an editorial piece that expresses the opinion dictating the destructive consequences to our community if there is not a persistent effort to maintain a healthy bee population. Visually, with the destruction of the illustrated honeycomb deteriorating out, in combination with the hand-drawn illustrated hive, and images of the bees, the aspect of bees in danger is further detailed. From the top corner going from full flying position to the dead bee in the corner there are visual clues to their destruction. In addition to the images, the text compliments the images visually with the hierarchy represented in a beehive hexagonal form. The text is especially highlighted with the yellow hexagon text boxes that are a representation of a hazard sign; again using aesthetics to further exhibit issues with the honeybee. In exploring different methods to best represent this issue I considered the fact of using solely illustration versus found images, and came to the conclusion that integration would make the piece most successful.

Using Format